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5 Reasons to tell you Why Trucks parking sensor system cost higher than Cars parking sensor?

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1. Control Box Housing with Waterproof & Non-waterproof.

As we know that car parking sensor’s main box is fixing in side of the car boot, no rains, no dust.


But normally, there nearly don’t have a confined space for the main box mounting on a truck, most of the time the control box have to mounted without protected, and expose to rains, humid, dusty environment.

So the waterproof housing for truck parking sensor system is necessary.


Trucks / cars main box mounting:


2. Sensors size and detecting coverage.

To most drivers,  detecting distance larger will be better for safe reversing, they can have enough time to clapped on his brakes. To extend the sensors ultrasonic cover range, we made the truck sensor size larger than cars.

And the detecting range reach to 5Meter (16FT).


3. Alarm sound:

Car’s parking sensor alarm buzzer is a part built-in the control box, some of them make it wiring to external to ensure drivers and hear the alarm sound clearly.

Considering trucks are much longer, we made buzzer with larger size and alarm sound can reach 100DB. That sound will be loudly enough to alarm people who around the back of vehicle, and go far away from the reversing truck.


4. Main board and connection parts.

Disassemble these two parking sensors main box, here we can see that cars parking sensor main box is a simple structure part, every electronic component just plug on without other protections. It is easy to understand that, cars parking sensor’s main box is operating in a very good environment.

Turn to see the truck sensor’s main box, the most different is there fixation glue adhere on EVERY electronic part’s connections.  Because trucks don’t have a very good reduce vibration designed like cars, and most of time they are working on the bumpy roads, the impact will be transmitted directly to the trucks body, so every part on the main box must be fixed by glue.


5. Vision rear camera + 7” LCD Monitor system kit:

When driving a truck reversing, the alarm sound from parking sensor is not enough to judge there is a obstacle or not.

Because some thin columnar obstacles can not be detected (ultrasonic reflection area is not enough), if driver go on reversing will be hit the columnar obstacles.

To avoid this kind of accident, the Sound alarm + Vision video will be the best solution to reversing aid system.

Lintech Truck parking sensor system kit integrate the Rear view Camera’s video signal  & Parking Sensors’ detection distance signal, then output to display on 7″ LCD Monitor.

Drivers will can see the video of back view + obstacle distance + hear alarm sound to keep reversing safe.





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