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Security alarm sensor system kit for Bus and school bus


Safety security alarm Sensors Will Soon Start Saving Lives
Front & Rear Parking Safety sensors in vehicles are nothing new, but only little of them equipped on the school bus industry.

Some public buses eventually be outfitted with sensors, set to alarm when a child / passenger darts behind or in front of the bus, but implementation has been tricky. The technology behind sensor alarms is still being customized to suit buses, and costs to add sensors run several thousands of dollars per bus.

Lintech safety sensor system is special designed for universal after-market bus / school bus alarm system solutions.  Buses fleet company will not need to pay thousands of dollars to equipped this alarm sensor system.

About this all around safety sensor system, max support 32pcs sensors mounted around the vehicles. For most of bus, the regular solution is 4 Rear + 4 Front + 4 sides ( 2 x Left + 2 x Right side).


When the vehicle or child passby, alarm system will be started and show the alarm sensors direction with Bi …bi … alarm sound to remind the driver to brake.




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