When looking at reversing camera system for your caravan, Motorhome or RV, we would always recommend the followings:

• Monitor is 12-24v and is easily removed from the vehicle mount for security
• The monitor extension cabling allows flexibility to ensure you can place it in the best location for your vehicle.
• The camera has a waterproofing class of IP67, IP68 or higher with audio and infrared for night vision.
• The cables are fully waterproofed and sealed with industry standard, screw-in 4 pin connections (used by over 90% of the industry)
• Dust caps are supplied for cable protection

Motorhome CCTV Caemra system

For larger Motorhome, increasing the left and right side of the camera will be more conducive to help the driver to eliminate the side of the blind spot, to prevent turning on the side of the vehicle and personnel damage. Equipped with 7-inch DVR built-in video function of the 4 split display will be four camera images were recorded and saved in the 64GB SD Card.


Dual Lens RV Camera System
Dual Lens RV Camera System
Dual Lens RV Camera System

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