Towing a motorhome length will up to 8~10 meter, longer vehicle will have more blind areas.
The special 4CHs towing trailer cable kit + 2 side view camera + twin lens backup /reversing aid camera kit for large towing motorhomes.

trailer cable for 4 cameras


This 4CHs trailer spiral cable kit for 2 sides view cameras + Twin lens rear view  / backup cameras.   4 Camera videos will be recorded constantly by the 7″ DVR Monitor, and storage the video by 64GB SD-card.

Rear View Camera System With Trailer Cable


This Side view camera will be much helpful for driver to eliminate the blind area when he / she want to turn a corner, or switch the lane.

Dual Lens RV Camera System


This Dual lens cameras are good for driver know well about the situation back of the motorhome /RV.

The down camera(left one) will provide the video for reversing, it can help to see the rear bumper while backup the vehicle.

That up camera (right one) with a narrow angle lens, can see far situation while driving. As we know, driver can not see the back situation, because the mid-mirror can not see through this kind of special vehicle.  So this dual lens camera will be helpful. And the up camera can be use the same as a mid-mirror.

Dual Lens RV Camera System

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