A fire truck / Ambulance camera plays an invaluable role as first responders head to the crisis, maneuver through crowds, or back up vehicles. Drivers gain clear views of danger zones surrounding them. Hazardous blind spots are virtually eliminated. A specialized fire department or ambulance camera can deliver: powerful audio capabilities, high resolution images from up to three units, and night illumination on side or rear equipment.

We also design our MDVR recording systems with crisis conditions in mind. Two cameras continuously capture extensive interior and exterior footage of emergency vehicles on the move, while the GPS tracks locations. With this innovative device, supervisors gain an essential tool for fire truck and ambulance safety training. Lintech provides reliable quality vision camera system to ensure that expedites emergency operations.

Fire Truck Vehicle Blackbox DVR Camera System
Fire Truck Vehicle Blackbox DVR Camera System
Fire Truck Vehicle Blackbox DVR Camera System


System Includes:

  • 18 IR LED Night vision Enhance Backup camera  x 1pcs
  • Left & Right side view camera x 2pcs
  • Monitor: 7” Monitor  800 x 480 R.G.B
  • 2TB HDD Mobile DVR (3G/4G / GPS / WIFI 960P  or 1080P )
  • Distribution harness for power & A/V
  • 20M / 5M extension cable with weatherproof screw-lock 4-pin aviation connectors
  • Accessories
  • Installation/user manual
  • Power supply: 12~24Vdc
  • Camera dust/water rating: IP68


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