The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Car Camera Model No.:

LC-018A Series: LC-018A, LC-018B, LC-018C, LC-018D,LC-018E, LC-012A, LC-012AT, LC-012AT2, LC-028A, LC-007A, LC-009A, LC-009B, LC-009C, LC-009D, LC-009E, LC-015DB, LC-10B, LC-015A

LC-010G Series:  LC-001, LC-001C, LC-001EU, LC-002, LC-009C3, LC-4LED, LC-10A, LC-10C, LC-10E, LC-10F, LC-10G, LC-024A

FCC Certificates:

FCC Certificates-Car Camera LC-018A Series-ATE20142481 002C.pdf (334KB)
FCC Certificates-Car Camera LC-010G Series-ATE20142483 002C.pdf (326KB)

FCC Test Report:

FCC Test Report-Car Camera LC-018A Series-ATE20142481 002C.pdf (50KB)
FCC Test Report-Car Camera LC-010G Series-ATE20142483 002C.pdf (49KB)


Car LCD Monitor Model No.:

LM-070A, LM-070B, LM-070C, LM-070C2, LM-070D, LM-070E, LM-070F, LM-070G, LM-070H, LM-070M, LM-735, LM-745, LM-750, LM-755, LM-756, LM-780, LM-090, LM-35A, LM-35B, LM-35C, LM-35P, LM-43A, LM-43B, LM-43D, LM-43M

FCC Certificates:

Lintech LM-70A Series FCC Certificates ATE20142486 002C.pdf (324KB)
Lintech LM-035A Sereis FCC Certificates ATE20142487 002C.pdf (315KB)


FCC Test Reports:

Lintech LM-70A Sereis FCC Test Report ATE20142486 002.pdf (49KB)
Lintech LM-035A Sereis FCC Test Report ATE20142487 002.pdf (49KB)
Lintech LM-090 Sereis FCC Test ReportATE20142485 002C.pdf (49KB)


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