Lintech make brake light with eyes: brake light camera for your safety driving!


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Brake light is usually installed in the trunk lid position within the top or rear windshield so easy to find a vehicle driving behind the vehicle in front brakes, serve the purpose of preventing rear-end accidents.


Brake light
Brake light

For now, a brake light camera for electronic Interior mirror was widely instead the original middle mirror, Lintech provide kinds of camera and monitor system for such solution. To keep the original appearance, we developed camera combine with several of van’s brake light, we call it brake light camera or stop light camea, third light camera. Support following vans: Universal cargo van/Sprinter/Crafter/Ducao/Boxer/Jumper/Transit/Daily/NV Passenger/Cargo/Chevy Savana cargo/GM Express etc.


With the brake light camera, when matching with a mirror monitor, it’s very helpful for those van back seat have been shield, it can make you easy view your van back situations. More and more special van’s brake light camera will be provide with Lintech moving forward.


Brake lights cameras





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