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Construction Heavy duty vehicles safety view backup camera system solutions

We design and manufacture construction safety equipment that delivers industrial strength and intelligent technology. Our backup camera systems meet the demand of construction vehicles, including mining truck, bulldozers, cranes, loaders, dump trucks and other heavy equipment.

These construction vehicle safety systems are built to withstand extreme environments;

Lintech’s design process addresses rear view limitations and unique cab conditions. Our heavy duty backup camera for construction sites is protected by waterproof housing, so it transmits a virtually unobstructed view. With its heating capabilities, the lens remains free of ice or condensation. The waterproof LCD monitor displays ultra-clear, color images in the open or enclosed cab.

Our vision equipment for construction safety provides wide angle views of hazardous zones. With a quad-monitor system, bulldozer and crane operators gain comprehensive perspectives. Cameras are positioned for both rear and side views, leading to greater visibility.


  • Radar Obstacles Detection System


  • Construction Truck Surveillance Cameras 4CHs CCTV DVR

Our vehicle camera system will help improve safety by providing drivers a clear view of their surroundings at all times with our multi-mounted camera system with dash monitor.
In addition, our dump truck cameras are recording to an onboard DVR (4TB HDD more than 30 days video), making one amazing vehicle surveillance system.


Dump truck DVR CCTV Cameras
Dump truck DVR CCTV Cameras

Mining-truck CCTV Camera System


  • Dump Truck Backup Camera System

Dump trucks are some of the most challenging vehicles to operate, as the driver must maneuver the rear of the truck into position to unload in a precise area. A backup camera is useful for this, however dump trucks encounter harsh environments. Lintech experienced at manufacturing heavy duty backup camera systems in dump trucks. Everything from wiring to mounting is done to maximize durability, reliability, and of course, effectiveness.

Notice in the photos below, how the camera is mounted in a location that gives the driver an optimal view, while also keeping it out of harm’s way.

Dump Truck Rear view Camera installation
Dump Truck Rear view Camera installation


  • Dump Truck Blind Spot Alarm Sensor Camera System

Active Turn Assist System increases Blind-Spot Safety
Use side camera + Radar prevent blind-spot accidents. This camera and radar detection system actively alerts you when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of your truck. Lintech is therefore ideal for increasing the safety of vulnerable road users in urban environments.

Blind Area Alarm Sensor Visual System for Trucks

Truck Side Alarm Visual System for Blind Area
Truck Side Alarm Visual System for Blind Area






Construction Dump truck Surveillance Camera Solutions:

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