Lintech supplies camera systems for forklifts, reach trucks, and other types of industrial trucks used for lifting.

Lift truck operators work every day in situations where their vision is limited. Limited vision, whether at the fork tips, or behind the truck, increases handling times and may also result in dropped loads, damaged goods, bent racking or picking the wrong pallet. In addition, OSHA has linked operator fatigue, repetitive stress injuries and absenteeism to operator back and neck strain while working overhead.

The problems caused by limited vision are widely recognized in the industry. The LS-070D provides ForkView – a clear view of the forks as they engage the load and/or RearView – a wide angle view of the area behind the truck. Using the LS-070D camera system kit, your operators will be able to place forks quickly and accurately and back-up with greater precision.

The LS-070D is both very affordable and easy to install. With its unique mounting system — a basic LS-070D Lift Truck Camera System can be installed on many machines within 2 hours. And, with Lintech innovations and recent advances in camera and display technology, the LS-070D is offered at a very competitive price.

With its simple operation, your operators will immediately see clearly where vision is normally very limited — such as in high level racking, double-deep racking, low level lighting and blind spots in front of the mast and behind the truck. Limited vision situations, which are especially challenging for new operators, are now eliminated.

The LS-070D Lift Truck Camera System immediately increases the productivity and safety of older machines while reducing damage expense and operator fatigue. With its low cost, easy installation and durability, the system pays for itself quickly and reduces operating costs for the life of the equipment.

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