Camera systems for Forklifts, Reach Trucks Solutions

Lift truck operators work every day in situations where their vision is limited. Limited vision, whether at the fork tips, or behind the truck, increases handling times and may also result in dropped loads, damaged goods, bent racking or picking the wrong pallet. In addition linked operator fatigue, repetitive stress injuries and absenteeism to operator back and neck strain while working overhead.


  • Forklift front View Wireless Camera System

The problems caused by limited vision are widely recognized in the industry. The LS-070D provides ForkView – a clear view of the forks as they engage the load and/or RearView – a wide angle view of the area behind the truck. Using the LS-070D camera system kit, your operators will be able to place forks quickly and accurately and back-up with greater precision.



  • Wired Camera System for Forklift front View Solution

This 5M (16ft) length cable rewinder unit is special design product from Lintech, to provide power + video for forklift front view solution. Front view camera fixed on the fork moving up / down, this cable rewinder will can release / rollback the wire.


  • 5 Meter cable with 4/5 cores
  • TPR Strong cable cover
  • Voltage 220VAC/1A or 36VDC/3A
  • Operate temperatures -20 – 80 C-degree
  • Indoor use Non-waterproof
  • Natural life:100,000 times (min)

Forklift Front view camera


  • Reverse Parking sensor Vision camera system

For most large heavy duty forklift / reach-truck / container lifter machines, there are wider blind area for the operator.

Forklift causes more serious injuries in the workplace than any other kind of transport. With increasing focus on process safety at workplace, Lintech’s special Forklift Vision and Sensor Technology empowers forklift drivers to become fully aware of the surroundings they are working in.

Due to the nature of work in the indoors / outdoors and the way forklift is designed, there are many blind spots around the driver and the high noise environment makes it worse!
Salient features of Lintech Forklift Camera system are:

  • 1. Get full vision of the rear of the forklift while reversing
    2. Get full vision of the RIGHT & LEFT blind spots
    3. Reversing sensors with 3 stages of alarm. The closer the forklift gets to the object, the louder the alarm gets
Parking Sensor System For Forklift


  • LED Warning Lights for Forklift Safety

Why We need LED Safety Lights on Warehouse?

1. To reduce accidents on warehouse!! 40+% of all fatal forklift accidents involve pedestrians.
2. Through this warning lights pedestrian can visualize projected line, spot on floor or strobe flashing lights they will able comprehend red zone area or outside of that perimeter danger zone area.
3. Very effective for forklifts and heavy duty equipments vehicle working in areas with many pedestrians.






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