Garbage Truck Fleet Safety

Get the job done while improving garbage truck fleet safety.

We understand the unique challenges and blind spots created by refuse trucks. Our products assist drivers in facing these challenges as they navigate alleys, busy streets, and tight turns.

Lintech sanitation truck cameras provide rear or side views for greater all-around visibility during operations. They heighten driver awareness of workers and pedestrians near the vehicle. Using a single backup camera system, drivers can quickly assess conditions to the rear, discovering potential hazards faster.

Multi-camera systems featuring rear, left, and right views present clear visuals on color monitors. Plus, users can switch camera views instantaneously. Our advanced monitors are also available with integrated audio so outside warnings reach drivers in real time.

Cameras And Equipment For Waste Truck made with heavy duty metal housing. They perform with precision in all types of weather, day or night. Lintech makes managing waste truck safety simple and affordable with comprehensive camera systems and flexible mounting options.

We also work to reduce nighttime risks by offering commercial cameras featuring night vision. Trust Lintech’s expertise in manufacturing garbage truck cameras, bus rearview mirrors, and RV backup cameras. When the task is demanding, contact us for vision systems that supply strength and sophistication!


170° wide view angle Rear view camera system for Garbage trucks


7” Auto-shutter Rear view Camera system for refuse & waste Trucks


7” Monitor 3CHs Side + Rear view camera system for Sanitation Trucks


Garbage Trucks IP69K Waterproof Camera with Water jet cleaner kit


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