Garbage Truck Fleet Safety

Get the job done while improving garbage truck fleet safety.

We understand the unique challenges and blind spots created by refuse trucks. Our products assist drivers in facing these challenges as they navigate alleys, busy streets, and tight turns.

Lintech sanitation truck cameras provide rear or side views for greater all-around visibility during operations. They heighten driver awareness of workers and pedestrians near the vehicle. Using a single backup camera system, drivers can quickly assess conditions to the rear, discovering potential hazards faster.


  • DVR CCTV Cameras for Refuse Trucks Fleet Management Has Never Been Easier.

Refuse collection can be a tricky business. Knowing that you’ve serviced a community  or business is important. So is doing it productively and safely every time.

Lintech onboard garbage truck camera systems constantly monitor your driver as well as their environment to ensure the safe operation of their vehicle. It also allows fleet owners immediate verification of service and video validation of overfilled containers – which can lead to more revenue / increased service frequency.

Waste Truck Camera Solutions




  • Garbage Truck Backup Camera System

This wired backup camera system is the best heavy duty solution for constant rearview observation on the back of any Garbage Truck.
Whether you have one or a fleet of 100 which require commercial grade quality, this is the system you are looking for.

You can set up the camera to turn on when you go in reverse or you can leave it on continuously while you’re driving down the road. Included is a 7 inch monitor that has automatic dimming for night vision and is compatible with up to 2 cameras.
This Heavy Duty rear view system comes with a premium cable and has viewable angle upgrades available. Included is everything you need for installation and comes with a very easy to follow instructions and diagrams.

garbage truck reverse system

Garbage truck rear view camera install
Garbage truck rear view camera install


  • Waste Truck Reversing Camera Auto shutter cover protect

This special camera has a shutter that opens and closes to protect the lens when not in use.

This camera requires our monitor that supports a shutter camera. When you switch the monitor off it automatically shuts the camera down and closes the shutter.

Auto shutter backup camera for waste Truck
Auto shutter backup camera for waste Truck


  • Water-jet Cleaner kit for Sanitation Trucks Rear view Camera

The camera on the garbage truck is prone to stains, which can hinder the lens view.
This high-pressure water-jet cleaner kit device will help drivers quickly and efficiently clean stains on the surface of the lens, restoring a clear view to ensure reversing aid safe.


Water jet cleaner for backup Camera




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