Tractor Trailer Backup Camera

We have affordable trailer backup camera solutions that generate the visual information drivers need. With a single camera system, a wide angle view of the danger zones behind a trailer appears on a ultra clear monitor. Super sharp images are transmitted from the camera lens on the back of the trailer into the truck cab.
A Lintech trailer backup camera system can also be upgraded easily with additional cameras that display side views. We create all of our vision safety equiptment to provide invaulable driver assistance. Our goal is to increase visibility around hitched trailers for safer backing, parking, and lane changes. A trailer rearview camera from Lintech is specially designed to reduce blind spots behind loads for enhanced safety. Our products assist haulers in navigating loading docks, traffic congestion, and tight spaces. We have a trailer hitch camera with great features, such as a live audio feed. It provides advanced infrared LED technology for up to 30 feet (9~10 meter) of low light vision. Also see our complete section of RV backup camera systems.
Tractor Trailer Backup Camers and Mirrors Capture Vital Images
A top performing trailer hitch camera system streamlines the efficient transport of materials and equipment. Our automotive vision safety equipment is built to commercial grade specifications for lengthy service. Lintech designs its own trailer hitch backup cameras, so you can rely on systems manufactured to superior standards. See more during trailer towing, parking and loading, as potential hazards appear instantly on a monitor screen. The best backup camera for a trailer hitch heightens driver awareness of pedestrians, objects, and road conditions. From trailer backup aides to School buses, you’ll appreciate our extensive expertise out on the road.

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