Tractor Trailer Backup Camera

We have affordable trailer backup camera solutions that generate the visual information drivers need. With a single camera system, a wide angle view of the danger zones behind a trailer appears on a ultra clear monitor. Super sharp images are transmitted from the camera lens on the back of the trailer into the truck cab.

A Lintech trailer backup camera system can also be upgraded easily with additional cameras that display side views. We create all of our vision safety equiptment to provide invaulable driver assistance. Our goal is to increase visibility around hitched trailers for safer backing, parking, and lane changes. A trailer rearview camera from Lintech is specially designed to reduce blind spots behind loads for enhanced safety.


  • Tactor Trailer CCTV Cameras Kit with quick connect coil cables



  • Tactor Trailer hitch backup cameras with quick connect coil cables

Our quick connect cables make it easy to connect trailer cameras to your truck. These cables are designed to withstand the rigors of the road while ensuring your 18 wheeler camera system remains connected and operational.

Tractor Trailer Backup Cameras System


  • Wireless Rear view Camera System kit Simtruck Tactor Trailer

This wireless Semi Trailer rear view system is the perfect solution for any career driver, whether you have a single Semi Trailer or a fleet of 50, this is the perfect solution for you. The system includes a 7 inch monitor bright enough to work in any environment, The wireless heavy duty camera can be left on continuously while you work from dusk till dawn.

This Semi Trailer backup camera system has a wireless range of (50~60M) 150~200ft and comes with everything you need for installation, including easy to follow instructions and diagrams.


AHD Wireless Transmitter on trailer
AHD Wireless Transmitter on trailer


  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Coil Trailer Cable for backup camera system

These trailer connector cables will work with all Lintech and other regular Electronics MDVR/MNVR/DVR wired camera systems and backup camera systems with a 4 PIN cable. These trailer connector cables may also connect to almost any other wired camera system that used the same 4 PIN cable connection.

Our trailer connector cables can connect to 1 camera, or up to 4 cameras. This is suitable for semi-truck trailers, RV’s and 5th Wheelers.

trailer cable for 4 cameras
Motohome Trailer wiring
Motohome Trailer wiring


  • Economic Rear view Camera System kit for Tractor trailer semi trucks

Rear view camera system is effective Reduce expenses and save lives with these vehicle safety solutions. Day or night, our systems give drivers access to the comprehensive, real-time visual and aural information that they need to make the safest and smartest decisions on the road.

Truck Parking Assist Reversing Radar
Truck Parking Assist Reversing Radar




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