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Work and Commercial Truck Backup Camera System

Overcome visual limitations on the job with a work and commercial truck backup camera system. We’ve got cameras built for demanding environments. They’ll perform at the construction site, on a rough road, and in a range of weather conditions.

Our truck safety products take drivers beyond conventional views which may restrict performance. Simply install a heavy duty backup camera system to see crisp color images of areas behind the vehicle. Add a high resolution LCD monitor to display output from one, two or even three cameras. Then move between camera views quickly and efficiently. Monitors can also transmit live audio feeds for greater commercial truck safety. Our side cameras, backup cameras, and truck rearview mirrors get vehicle movements in sync. Drivers know what’s nearby before they change lanes, turn, or reverse.


  • Truck Fleet Management and Safety Products

Lintech advances truck safety and efficiency. A successful truck fleet management and accident prevention program demands safety systems built for exceptional service. Our cameras and automotive event recorders are high performance partners. Reliable recorders deliver useful vehicle monitoring.

Truck 4G Live MDVR CCTV Camera System
Truck 4G Live MDVR CCTV Camera System

Truck CCTV Camera System

Truck MDVR Video Playback
Truck MDVR Video Playback (Gif compression)



  • A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million

Basic economic TRUCK Recording camera system

MDVR CCTV helps you show the backup to say your driver was on the right side of the road and did their part to avoid a third party. Cut time spent on claims by 80% when you send video clips immediately to the insurance company.

MDVR video to the insurance company



  •  Truck 360 Surrounding camera system

360 Truck sorrounding camera systems are intelligent camera monitor products designed to assist low speed manueverability by providing the driver with a real-time surround view of the vehicle in a single image. Presenting all-around visibility in one image saves the driver or operator having to process information from several mirrors or monitors in quick succession, making it easier to spot and assess possible hazards.

Truck 360 Surrounding camera system
Truck 360 Surrounding camera system


  • Truck Parking Sensors Heavy Duty Parking Assist Reversing Radar

Other important kit is the Truck parking sensor vision camera system. The 4&8 sensor version parking sensor kit made with waterproof protect IP65 rating, special for heavy duty trucks use.

Truck Parking Assist Reversing Radar
Truck Parking Assist Reversing Radar


These are valuable tools in truck accident prevention and responsible driver training. Choosing the best vehicle safety products is critical to fleet truck management. Lintech follows rigorous standards in building and customizing commercial truck camera systems. From product construction to customer service, we exceed expectations. What can we do for your fleet?


  • Tractor + Trailer spiral coil cable Reverse Camera system

The OEM-Quality 7-pin / 13pin coil features an emergency release
system which avoids damage to the plug and the socket
when the trailer is uncoupled with the trailer connectors
still mated by accident. This is of particular advantage if the
towing vehicle and/or the trailer are changed frequently.

Good shielding design makes the transmission of multi-channel video signal more stable without interference.

Tractor Trailer Backup Cameras System

Trailer Spiral Cable for backup camera system
Trailer Spiral Cable for backup camera system


  • Wireless Backup Camera system for Trucks

Heavy Duty Digital Wireless 1, 2-4 Camera System With 7″ LCD Screen

Wireless Backup Camera System with 60~100M (200-300Ft) Wireless Range. Perfect Rear View Digital Wireless Cameras for Trucks, Truck Drivers, Semi-trucks, Buses, RV, 5th Wheel Trailers and Commercial Vehicles.

Split Image Function Wireless Rear View Camera System for Truck trailers



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