For most large heavy duty forklift / reach-truck / container lifter machines, there are wider blind area for the operator.

Forklift causes more serious injuries in the workplace than any other kind of transport. There are about 85 fatal accidents per year related to forklift, 34,900 accidents result in serious injury; 61,800 are classified as non-serious!

With increasing focus on process safety at workplace, Lintech’s special Forklift Vision and Sensor Technology empowers forklift drivers to become fully aware of the surroundings they are working in. Due to the nature of work in the indoors / outdoors and the way forklift is designed, there are many blind spots around the driver and the high noise environment makes it worse!

Salient features of Lintech Forklift Camera system are:
 Get full vision of the rear of the forklift while reversing
 Get full vision of the RIGHT & LEFT blind spots
 Reversing sensors with 3 stages of alarm. The closer the forklift gets to the object, the louder the alarm gets

Forklift rear view camera installed

Parking Sensor System For Forklift

Large parking sensor installation 4

Large parking sensor installation 5

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