Forward Facing Camera for Truck and Bus

Truck forward facing camera record 2
Truck forward facing camera recording

Fleets have a variety of optional add-ons available to put on trucks. As technology advances, there are all sorts of hardware and software that offer advantages to trucking operations truck drivers. One such item is the forward-facing camera for buses, commercial truckers, and it is all the rage in 2015 (and beyond).

Front view Camera for truck bus
Front view Camera for truck bus

The truth is, these in-cab camera units are not exactly new and in fact, most everyone has heard of the term “dash cam.” When first hitting the market they quickly became popular as a way to protect drivers and provide actual video of accidents, etc. The front facing camera mounts on the dashboard and records everything from the driver’s perspective. Review of the footage also provides details of the event that would perhaps otherwise be forgotten or unnoticed, such as what prompted a hard-braking incident.

car-truck-crash forward facing camera
car-truck-crash forward facing camera record

However, the earlier versions did not offer quality images and there were lighting and memory limitations as well. With technology always evolves, the image chip sensor and MDVR storage medium improvements, more clear video/ image quality and longer video storage period can be acheaved.


Benefits of the Forward-Facing Cameras for Trucks

The forward facing cameras provide many benefits, especially in the realm of exonerations from potential lawsuits following an accident. Because the video offers the ability to review incidents after the fact, it is equivalent to an objective eyewitness.


#1 Reduces Lawsuit and Insurance Expenses

The recorded video provides the opportunity to finalize insurance claim processes and protect innocent drivers. Regarding accidents that involve other motorists and commercial truck drivers, the statistics indicate that 75% of those accidents are not the truck driver’s fault. This makes video footage an asset for truck drivers and fleet companies. Conversely, upon installing a forward-facing camera, notify the insurance carrier to inquire about potential discounts.


#2 Exonerating Truck Drivers

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, the in-cab camera provides proof as to whether or not the commercial truck driver maintained control of the vehicle, or if risky behavior was involved.


#3 Promotes Safe Driving Habits

Many camera systems are equipped with both front facing and driver facing cameras, each one causing drivers to increase their awareness while driving. When using systems that integrate monitoring features, carriers have data that is helpful for identifying areas where drivers may need additional training or create improvements.

Truck Front view camera
Truck Front view camera

Overall, the forward-facing cameras eliminate questions during an accident investigation and oftentimes speeds up the process and exempts a truck driver from being wrongly accused.

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