For Farm Machinery Rearview Cameras System

We make it easy to elevate tractor safety in every season. Use field-proven equipment from Lintech Vision! We manufacture the ideal backup camera systems for farm vehicles, including tractors and harvesters. Agricultural work environments demand rugged, durable backup cameras. The shapes and sizes of farm vehicles create dangerous blind spots. So our tractor vision safety equipment is uniquely designed to expand side and rear visibility.



When selecting a backup camera system for agriculture vehicles, you always need to keep a few key things in mind. Each piece of equipment will have its own unique needs when it comes to safety, particularly if you run an operation with a huge variety of different equipment under operation at the same time.

Here we offer solutions recommend for your reference.


  • Dustproof Waterproof Monitor Rear view Camera System

Give your drivers an edge in open or challenging cab environments with a waterproof monitor and backup camera system.
The heavy-duty heated camera functions optimally to provide the clearest view in the wettest and coldest conditions. A 120° wide-angle camera LC-012A displays on a 7” full-color LCD monitor (LM-755) with an ultra-sharp display for day or night driving. 20pcs High-power infrared LEDs increase the field of vision during in the dark and low-visibility circumstances.

Waterproof Dustproof Monitor Backup Camera System


  • Economic Backup Camera System for Fram Agriculture vehicles

Would it not be great to have a set of eyes in the back of your head. This old saying rings true for most of you that operate equipment that sometimes the working end is not in the front but behind you.

The constant having to look behind you really makes the task bad for your neck. This can be aided by the use of a tractor backup camera system that allows you to see behind or any place you would like that requires extra head and neck work just to view.

Agriculture Machines Backup Cameras System


  • Wireless Camera Systems for Fram Agriculture Machines

Installing a wired camera requires you to make long-term decisions about where you will most need the camera. It also requires a few hours to mount the camera and do the wiring.
With a wireless tractor camera system and battery pack, you don’t have to make permanent decisions about placement. Just put the camera where you need it right now. If you switch machines or task, just take the camera with you.

Wireless Camera system for tractor-backup-camera-solution

Agriculture Machines Backup Cameras System


  • Water-jet Cleaner kit Camera for Agriculture Vehicles tractors

The camera of agricultural machinery is in a dusty environment during operation, and the lens surface is extremely susceptible to dust and mud contamination.
A obstructed view will put the operator in a dangerous situation, so it is necessary to quickly clean the lens to restore a clear view lighting, the water-jet cleaner kit will be such a great solution!

Water jet cleaner for backup Camera





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