Transit and Shuttle Bus Backup Cameras and Rearview system

You put passengers first. So accelerate safety with transit and shuttle bus backup cameras and rearview mirrors. It’s simply good business. When drivers are aware of activity and objects surrounding their large vehicles, risks are minimized and riders are protected. And fewer accidents could lead to savings for your organization. Properly mounted bus cameras expand views from behind or beside the vehicle. They relay brilliant color views directly to digital monitors, instantly minimizing danger zones and eliminating blind spots. Our high performance transit bus cameras are designed to make backing up, merging and turning easier in a long vehicle. Pair our cameras with quality bus mirrors to gain crucial perspectives for safer travel. Lintech products are constructed to meet the requirements of transit applications. With a comprehensive multiple camera system, a driver sees a speeding car on the left, pedestrian on the right, or child behind the bus. Remember, our visual safety equipment is built for lengthy service using real world knowledge acquired out on the road.

Passenger Safety Solutions for Transit and Shuttle Buses
We support fleet goals with innovative passenger safety solutions for transit and shuttle buses. These valuable solutions include: bus backup cameras with night illumination, wider view side cameras, wireless backup sensors, and continuous recording devices. We develop customized transit bus safety systems, school bus cameras, and shuttle bus products for safety improvements. Our automotive event recorders also deliver distinct advantages, such as immediate driver feedback for avoiding accidents. Combine data, video and real-time driver feedback to reduce risk throughout your fleet. Let Lintech’s best-selling cameras work for you day and night to increase visibility.


8Channels CCTV DVR Camera system for Bus Fleets


4CHs DVR camera + 1 Backup reversing Camera system solution for City Buses


7” DVR monitor 4CHs CCTV Recorder Camera System For Passenger Buses


7” LCD Monitor Back view camera System for City bus




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