Transit and Shuttle Bus CCTV Cameras and Rearview system

If you operate a passenger bus fleet, then safety of your passengers, drivers, and other motorists on the road must be at the forefront of your mind.

With a bus camera system from Lintech, we can help keep everyone safe with the addition of a high-quality vehicle camera system.


  • Bus Surveillance Cameras (8CHs CCTV DVR)

Mobile Video Surveillance (MDVR) provides video evidence of the activities occurring with, on and around your vehicle. Ultimately, safety is the main concern. Think of it like a “black box” for buses. The system encourages a safe environment for passengers, drivers and equipment.

8 Channel DVR System for City Bus



  • 4G /WIFI  GPS LIVE Video MDVR CCTV Camera System

Enjoy comprehensive oversight of your entire transportation network – including fleets, stations, depots and park-and-rides – with our enterprise-class mobile video surveillance solution.

Maintain the highest security for passengers and staff, deter crime and vandalism, and respond quickly to emergencies with crystal-clear video of your entire operation, and do it all with one easy-to-use video management software.

Access live, in-vehicle video surveillance and audio via wireless handheld or laptop computers, in conjunction with real-time mapping. All data can be archived for post-incident investigation and evidence preparation.



  • 3D 360° Surrounding Camera System

Lintech 3D – 360° (Surround View 360°, Around View Camera Monitor System) is particularly suitable for BUSES and COACHES.

The drivers will benefit from having a single image of the dimensions of his vehicle during the maneuvering and driving phases.
Greater visibility means greater safety and reduced accidents.

bus 360 Surrounding camera
bus 360 Surrounding camera


  • Bus Ultrasonic Parking Sensor Reversing aid Camera System

There will be Reversing video + Distance + Alarm sound for driver reference, 0~5meters detecting range with Bi bi… alarm sound to warning driver and students back of the bus. When driver turn to R-gear, monitor automatic switch to Rear view camera to see the back view of bus, parking sensors start-up to detecting.

Bus ultrasonic Parking Sensor System


  • Economic solution for Bus Backup Camera System

Backup cameras is a great way to alert the driver of potential obstacles behind when reversing, Bus mirrors can not see the rear view. With a reverse camera for a minibus and similar large buses, the driver will always be aware of activity going on in the blind spot of their vehicle, safety should always at the forefront of your mind.

City Bus Reverse Camera System With Night Vision Camera


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