Illuminate the rear of the vehicle with 12 LEDs for increased safety during night drives and deliveries.

The weatherproof wide-angle camera offers a 170° view that displays on a 7” full-color LCD monitor. Garbage trucks are wider than traditional vehicles, that wider view angle 170° camera will be better for driver to assess conditions to the rear.

170degree wide view angle Rear view Cameras system kit

170° view Reversing aid camera system:

System Includes:
• Backup camera
• Monitor: 7”
• Distribution harness for power & A/V
• Heavy-duty 65’ (20M) extension cable with weatherproof screw-lock 4-pin aviation connectors
• Accessories
• Installation/user manual
• Camera microphone provides additional safety and communication capability
• Maximum # of cameras: 2 / 4(for quad version)
• Power supply: 12~24Vdc
• Camera dust/water rating: IP69K

Other Features:
• Mirror & normal view (Switch on monitor OSD)
• Optional on-screen distance scale
• Low-glare screen
• Remote control
• 1.5-year warranty (Contact us for further information.)

Garbage truck rear view camera install

garbage truck reverse camera

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