360° Surround View 4 DVR Recording camera System for Ambulance

Ambulance 2TB HDD MDVR CCTV Camera system 4CHs

System Includes:
• 18pcs IR LED Night vision Enhance Backup camera
• Left & Right side view camera x 2pcs
• Front view camera fixed on dashboard recording
• Monitor: 7” Resolution: 800 x 480 R.G.B
• Distribution harness for power & A/V
• Heavy-duty 65’ (20M) extension cable with weatherproof screw-lock 4-pin aviation connectors
• Power supply: 12~24Vdc
• Camera dust/water rating: IP69K

DVR Features:
• DVR support max 2TB HDD to storage video
• Built-in 3G/4G for live view and remote management
• AHD 960P / 720P / 1080P recording
• GPS map location tracking
• Support PC and mobile(Android and iPhone) client remote monitoring
• WIFI for video files download
• Free Client Software plateform

4Chs Ambulance DVR Recording Camera System

Ambulance Rear View Camera System

The use of mobile video in fire trucks and other emergency vehicles provides a wide range of benefits from documenting accidents to providing training videos. EMS vehicles transporting the severely injured often are traveling at high speeds rolling code 3. The benefit of recording the progress of the EMS vehicle as it navigates through intersections and vehicles can provide the evidence in case of an accident, and can reduce litigation expense while exonerating the EMS personnel operating the vehicle.

MDVR CCTV systems also provide audio and video recording of what is taking place both in the front of the vehicle where the driver is seated as well as in the back of the vehicle where the patient is being triaged. Each system is custom designed to meet your department’s needs.

DVR with GPS tracking for immediately locating vehicles. The GPS Tracking provides a map function that tracks the vehicle as it is moving and is user programmable to set speed and mark an event should the vehicle exceed the pre-programmed speed setting. The accelerometer function provides user-programmable functions that can be pre-set for excessive braking, turning, acceleration or impact and mark the event.

Ambulance camera installed

ambulance_DVR Monitoring

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