7” Mirror Monitor Dual lens Rear view camera system for Ambulance

For most of ambulance, driver nearly can not see the situation behind the vehicle, because of the special design of the ambulance compartment structure.

So this dual lens backup & reversing camera will be helpful to solve this problem:


Ambulance dual lens backup camera system


System Includes:
• Twin / dual lens Rear view backup camera #:LC-015DB;
• 2pcs Extension cable 10~20Meter;

• Monitor: 7” Mirror Monitor 800 x 480 R.G.B;
• Distribution harness for power & A/V
• Heavy-duty (20M + 10M) extension cable with weatherproof screw-lock 4-pin aviation connectors;
• Accessories
• Installation/user manual
• Power supply: 12Vdc
• Camera dust/water rating: IP68

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