Left & Right Sides blind area can not be ignored, especially for such large Sanitation trucks. This kind of vehicles start / brake / stop moving frequency while collecting garbage in the neighborhood, the surrounding camera will be much helpful to prevent collision accident, and protect people and property safety.

3CHs Monitor Backup Cameras system for Garbage Truck

System Includes:
• Backup camera (LC-018A);
• Left + Right side view camera (LC-009D1) x 2pcs;

• Monitor: 7” 3CHs 800 x 480 R.G.B;
• Distribution harness for power & A/V
• Heavy-duty (20M + 10M) extension cable with weatherproof screw-lock 4-pin aviation connectors;
• Accessories
• Installation/user manual
• Power supply: 12~32Vdc
• Camera dust/water rating: IP68

Other Features:
• 7” Montior with flushbonading mounted back frame.
• Optional on-screen distance scale
• Low-glare screen
• Buttons illuminate at night
• 1.5-year warranty (Contact us for further information.)

Garbage Rear side view camera system connecting diagram

garbage truck side view camera

Garbage truck rear view camera

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