LM-070E monitor install on School bus

School bus internal front door view camera 3

This school buses 8 cameras CCTV system is for both real time monitoring and regular video recording. To help driver to notice that ever corner outside of the bus situations. This system are made up of 8 units of camera such as front view camera, side view camera, rear view camera for different position installation for getting a nice view for driver. From those well installed camera, there is 8 channel mobile DVR connected with all of those camera, so it can completely recording everything around the buses.  This 8 channel mobile DVR with 2 ways video out put, all 8 camera’s video were split joint to show, monitor on the bus dashboard or windshield get video from the DVR output. Then, driver can easily to watching all of camera’s video on the same screen. 

Cameras catch drivers who ignore school bus stop signs

Drivers are required slow / stop when the school buses are loading or uploading students. Due to the lack of traffic safety awareness of underage students, many traffic accidents occur around the school buses.

The side view cameras are keeping recording videos when cars traveling down the roadway. The two side view camera No.:5 & No.:6 / 7 will capture the video from both directions. If there accident happen, the violator’s cars will be recorded when it pass the bus.

Now, some cities are addressing the problem by mounting exterior cameras on buses to catch violators.

No.:1 camera is recording the front view of bus, and No.:2 ~No.:4 cameras are viewing students on seats.

4 External Cameras Surveillance area 2

8CHs MDVR Camera system for School bus


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