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Public safety vehicles (Ambulance / Fire trucks) camera system solution

When lives are on the line, ambulance and fire truck safety is crucial. Lintech camera systems, continuous recording devices support rapid response times and safe arrivals at the scene.

A fire truck / Ambulance camera plays an invaluable role as first responders head to the crisis, maneuver through crowds, or back up vehicles. Drivers gain clear views of danger zones surrounding them. Hazardous blind spots are virtually eliminated. A specialized fire department or ambulance camera can deliver: powerful audio capabilities, high resolution images from up to three units, and night illumination on side or rear equipment.


  • Ambulance and Fire Truck Reversing Aid Camera kits

Ambulance drivers can have full awareness of movement behind their emergency vehicles as they prepare for transport.
A mirror image cameras that transition from standard views to a monitor display when the vehicle is in reverse. With our backup cameras, drivers see an instantaneous picture of what’s behind them.


1.  Dual Lens Reversing aid +  Driving real time back view camera system: 

ambulance-dual lens Rear view cameras system

2.  Another Econormic Low cost option is: 

Ambulance Rear View Camera System


  • Ambulance MDVR CCTV Camera kits

Our solutions are designed to increase ambulance visibility while simultaneously fostering safer driving practices.  The high-resolution cameras provide total vehicle coverage surrounding the vehicle – enabling you to safely transport emergency and non-emergency patients. When used in conjunction with our playback software you can continuously record entire shifts providing you with indisputable video evidence should a claim arise, or documentation be needed for training or coaching purposes. Whether you install our standard system or add on a state-of-the-art accessory, our solutions provide you with comprehensive surveillance and security.

MDVR cctv camera system for Ambulance


Another Econormic Low cost  2CHs version is: 




  • 360 Degree Surround View Camera System for Ambulance

Lintech uses four ultra-wide fish-eye cameras to create a seamless 3D image of the vehicle and its surroundings, erasing all blind spots around the ambulance. The system increases overall safety by erasing blind spots, assisting with parking and helping with navigation on narrow roads. The omni-directional perspective creates a bird’s eye view of the vehicle. The system also includes standard 2D views.


3D 360 Surround Bird View camera System for Ambulance
3D 360 Surround Bird View camera System for Ambulance



  • Fire Trucks DVR CCTV Recorder Camera System

With the increase in the size of modern fire apparatus has come a greater need to overcome blind spots for the driver.

So it is no surprise that while cameras mounted on the outside of fire apparatus have been around for several decades, they have become a more popular option in just the past several years.

While the majority of vehicle-mounted cameras address the driver’s view of the road in front and that behind the apparatus, increasingly fire apparatus is being specified with side-view cameras as well.

Fire Truck 4CHs DVR Camera system solution


  • Visual Reversing aid Parking Sensor System for Fire Trucks

Sometimes Fire trucks need to enter a narrow roadway / tiny intersecting alleyways, equipped with the parking sensor vision system will much helpful for driver to Reverse out of the narrow street.

And the parking sensor’s Bi…bi … alarm sound 100DB is helpful to warning people around the truck when it is reversing.





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