8CHs School bus DVR CCTV camera system solution:

Cameras catch drivers who ignore school bus stop signs Drivers are required slow / stop when the school buses are loading or uploading students. Due to the lack of traffic safety awareness of underage students, many traffic accidents occur around the school buses.
The side view cameras are keepping recording videos when cars traveling down the roadway. The two side view camera No.:5 & No.:6 / 7 will capture the video from both directions. If there accident happen, the violator’s cars will be recorded when it pass the bus.

4CHs School bus DVR CCTV camera system + Parking Sensor Alarm system kit solution:

For this econormic solution, there will equipped 3 internal cameras + 1 Reversing aid camera.
The 4th backup camera is for reversing aid, Camera signal + Sensor detection distance signal integration then output DVR recording, and display on 7″ Monitor.
There will be Reversing video + Distance + Alarm sound for driver reference, 0~5meter detecting range with Bi bi… alarm sound to warning driver and students back of the bus. When driver turn to R-gear, monitor automatic switch to Rear view camera to see the back view of school bus, parking sensors start-up to detecting. Meanwhile these 4 cameras constantly recording.


2CHs School bus Reversing aid camera system solution (NOT DVR Recording):
This 3CHs LCD Montior with back case for flushbonading mounted on dashboard.
1. Dome camera mounted above the bus to view students on seat.
2. Rear view camera connect to the parking sensor’s control box, integrated the Camera signal + Sensor detection distance signal then output to Monitor.

Dome camera will be display on the monitor constantly, until reverse channel trigger automatic switch to backup camera + parking sensor channel.

Detecting Sensors Operation mode:
A: When vehicle put to R-gear to reversing, all 8pcs sensors are activated for reversing aid safety.

B. When driving on the road, the 4 rear sensors are dormant, but the side sensors are activated. If any car or person pass by at the blind area, alarm sound will warnning the driver be careful ( Don’t switch the lane this moment!!!)


1Channel Reversing aid camera system solution (1 Monitor + 1 Backup camera + 20M cable kit)

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