3rd Stop Lights Camera System For GMC SAVANA & Chevrolet Express Van


What Is A Third Brake Light Camera?

Almost every vehicle has a blind spot in the back. From hatchbacks to large trailers, all vehicles can have spots that cannot be viewed using the rear-view mirror or the side mirrors. A Third brake light camera works as an effective addition to your vehicle to ensure optimal safety for you, your vehicle and anyone who may be behind your vehicle. If you have a large vehicle or a commercial vehicle, most of the rear view can be blocked. In that case a third brake light cam can prove to be a valuable addition.


Importance of Third Brake Light Camera

The third brake light cam allows you to enhance rear view safety in all types of vehicles. It can be installed by replacing the factory-fitted 3rd brake light or you can also mount it almost anywhere on the vehicle based on the blind spots that need to be covered. It is also perfect for vehicles in which the stock tailgate has been removed, like for fifth wheel or slide-in camper applications. Above all, it is extremely easy to install.

You can find the right type of 3rd brake light backup cameras for your vehicle. Besides, you can also choose other accessories like monitor to ensure that the system is fully operational.


Why Choose Third Brake Light Position?

There are a number of reasons why it is recommended to choose the third brake light position to install the camera. The most important reasons include the following:


  • The backup cam can be mounted discreetly. Neither will it affect your vehicle’s rear looks, nor can it be detected by anyone. Such cam can also be mounted on flat surface, if your vehicle already doesn’t have the third brake light slot.
  • The assembly within the 3rd brake light also provides waterproof protection to the camera. Besides, you should choose cams with the best-possible IP rating for better protection.
  • The position is such that it provides wide viewing angle without impeding the camera’s view. Even though the viewing angle varies from one camera to another, this position doesn’t interfere with this angle. A cam with 130-dgeree viewing angle should give you the complete rear view behind your vehicle.

The level of functionality offered by a third brake light backup camera can be determined from the point that it enables safe backup even for vans. If you want higher levels of vehicle vision safety, you should install this type of rear-view camera. You can choose it for both cargo and passenger vehicles.

A typical third brake light backup camera system would comprise of the cam, sensors with night vision, all the different wires and connectors, a high resolution monitor, and the mounts required for installation. Among other features, a high quality cam will also have high shock resistance. It will also be durable and reliable and can be mounted on any flat surface.


High Quality Third Brake Light Camera

A high quality 3rd brake light cam is easy to install and can be mounted on any flat service on the back of your vehicle. It will also have a sensor with high image quality. You should choose a system with a sensor of at least 480 TV lines. The right cam will have night vision feature. It should be able to provide excellent view in the dark even with limited ambient light.

Choose a third brake light camera with the latest IP rating so that it can withstand the external elements and all kinds of weather conditions. A high quality cam can have up to 10G vibration rating, ensuring that quality feed is provided to the monitor without concern for the vibrations.


Choosing the Monitor

When choosing a 3rd brake light cam, it is recommended to choose a high-resolution and large TFT LCD monitor. Some monitors are designed to be attached to the rear view mirror, but some can also replace it. Placing it near or in place of the rear view mirror ensures that the monitor doesn’t take up space on the dash. Some monitors can feature built-in speaker, grid lines and controls. The controls can be in the form of a remote or touch buttons. When it comes to screen size, you can choose monitors up to 7 inches.


Multiplexer System

The multiplexer system is the control unit of the entire third brake light backup camera system. It receives cam feeds and directs it to the monitor. This unit can allow connecting multiple cameras. It is usually used when multiple cameras are installed in your vehicle.

A high quality 3rd brake light backup camera system should have aircraft-grade cable connections for high reliability and longevity.


Installing Third Brake Light Camera in a Trailer

Trailers and cargo transportation of almost all sizes offer large blind spots, an issue that cannot be addressed with just side mirrors. The rear view mirrors are mostly rendered useless in such cases. A third brake light camera system can prove to be a lifesaver in such vehicles. Contrary to general perception, these lights are easy to install. All you will have to do is remove the third brake light and fix the cam at the base of the light assembly, and route the harness back to the cab. Such a cam can also be beneficial for you when it comes to fifth wheel hassles. You can also view the contents of the cargo with ease.

The 3rd brake light cam can be a complete replacement of the light and can fit just like the factory-fitted light. The rear-view camera is integrated into the housing. Such a camera setup can allow you to view the fifth wheel or get a view of the bed. This will eliminate the need for a spotter who guides you for the trailer connections.

You can use your third brake light camera along with the other cameras. So these cameras help you achieve almost 360-degree surround and blind spot viewing. You can view the rear and all the blind spots and ensure that you know what you are doing when reversing your vehicle. So keep all these points in mind and make sure to choose a high quality 3rd brake light cam for your vehicle.


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