Trucks equipped with the parking sensor vision system will much helpful for driver to Reverse out of the narrow street.
And the parking sensor’s Bi…bi … alarm sound 100DB is helpful to warning people around the truck when it is reversing.

7 inches Parking Sensor Camera System Kit

Video Parking Sensor for Trucks and large heavy duty vehicles:

— Video truck parking sensor with camera and display
— 7” dashboard display, can ensure driver to see obstacles image clearly
— Camera with infrared LED light, with night vision function.
— The radar main unit is 100% waterproof, can be easily mounted on trucks.
— The wire socket between main unit and sensor are waterproof.
— Sensor with rubber fixture, can be fitted to bumpers of different thickness, and can stand fierce vibration of trucks.
— Special sensor fixing mode, can be fixed to truck bumpers of different thickness.
— The principal wires are covered by fireproof corrugated pipes, thus can work in high temperature, and is fireproof and wear – resistant.
— Extension wire length between display and main unit can be customized to suit trucks of different length.
— Product design can eliminate the interference of the engine.
— Adopt aviation plug to ensure the system work safely in high vibration circumstance.
— Working voltage: 12V-30V, can be fitted to any kind of trucks.

Technical Parameters

** Rated voltage: 12-30V DC
** Operating range: 10 to 28V DC
** Rated current: 100 to 800mA
** Detection distance: 0 to 5.0m (0 to 3.0 m for optional)
** Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
** Working temperature: -30 to +80 degrees Celsius
** Display size: 172 x 145 x 24mm

Installation photos:

8 Sensors Parking System For Trucks
Sensors Parking System For Trucks
8 Sensors Parking System For Trucks
8 Sensors Parking System For Trucks

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